Our Journies to Moraine Valley: African-American Men & Woman Tell Their Stories

This month is Black History Month on campus, and I have been thinking back to some of the events we have held here in the library over the years. Many events stick out in my mind but there are two events that I always remember quick fondly. These events were very simple. We asked several of our African-American staff, faculty and administrators to tell their stories. These events were special because those of us who work here at Moraine Valley know the participants so well. It was very quite meaningful for them to share their backgrounds and their stories. It was also meaningful that our past college president, Dr. Vernon Crawley and our current college president, Dr. Sylvia Jenkins participated in the events.

Here are links to the blog posts about the events and links to the audio podcasts from the events:

Our Journey: African-American Women Tell Their Stories (2010)
The library hosted a panel discussion of African-American Women as part of the Black History Month events. This panel, Our Journey: African-American Women Tell Their Stories, was an engaging discussion of the lives of these women.

African-American Men Told Their Stories (2008)
On Wednesday, March 5th, the library welcomed several members of our college staff to tell their stories as part of the panel discussion, African-American Men Tell Their Stories, which was part of our One Book, One College program on the Autobiography of Malcolm X.


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