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NewsBank?s Special Report focusing on Poetry around the World is now available.

Poetry around the World contains articles and pictures about trends and poets from throughout the world covered largely from news sources originating in that area to provide local coverage of each culture.

Some examples of information you will find include:
*open mic nights
*Nobel prize winners
*cowboy poetry
*Poets Laureate
*Ocatvio Paz
*Mayo Angelou
*William Butler Yeats
*and more

Regions covered include
*UK and Ireland
*Australia and Oceania
*Middle East
*North America
*Latin America

Related maps and links to web sites are included. Suggested search terms to help locate additional information in your NewsBank products are listed to encourage further research.

All articles are easily accessed and can be printed or e-mailed from within the site.

NewsBank has always been committed to providing libraries with the best coverage of important global issues and events. In addition to Poetry around the World, we continue our ongoing Special Report coverage of
*Science and Health in the News
*Natural Disasters
*World Health
*War on Terrorism
*Black History

All sites are accessible at along with your NewsBank products

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