New to the Collection: “The Shining” DVDs

KubrickIf you are looking for a good horror film to curl up on the couch and watch this Halloween, check out “The Shining” DVDs. It is available in two different versions. You might ask “What is the other version? I only remember the famous Stanley Kubrick/Jack Nicholson one!”

Here’s a little back story: apparently Stephen King didn’t really “approve” of Stanley Kubrick’s version, as he felt the adaptation leant itself more towards the supernatural elements versus the important themes of his novel, such as the alcoholism of the lead character. King’s novel was almost autobiographical as he was struggling with alcoholism, so the story was very personal to him. Therefore, in 1997, King decided to produce his own adaptation for television, starring Rebecca De Mornay and Steven Weber (of “Wings” fame). King’s adaptation focused more on the lead character’s alcoholism, and also had a stronger female lead in the wife, as opposed to Shelley Duvall’s portrayal in Kubrick’s version. While King’s version was panned by critics, I think it’s a good idea to watch both adaptations of his novel and decide for yourself which you prefer.

To watch a video of the differences between King’s novel and Kubrick’s adaptation click here.

To find Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” in our collection click here.

To find Stephen King’s television adaptation in our collection click here.King

And if this doesn’t suit your fancy search for “Horror films” at our library and check out other scary DVDs for Halloween!

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