New Health Bill What’s In It For You?

So, the big news these days is the newly passed healthcare bill. There’s all kinds of information flying back and forth out there. I wanted to share this article from the New York Times that tries to answer some questions: New York Times: Consumers’ Big Question: What’s In It for Me?. Here are some of the questions they consider:

  • Q. I don’t have health insurance. How soon will the new law help me?
  • Q. How many people can sign up for the new plan?
  • Q. How is the new federal pool different from what is already offered by state high-risk pools or Medicaid?
  • Q. How will the law affect children with pre-existing conditions?
  • Q. Will Medicare recipients receive any immediate benefits?
  • Q. Will young, healthy adults who don’t have insurance be helped by the reforms?
  • Q. What are the immediate benefits for people who already have insurance?
  • Q. Won’t all these changes increase my health care premiums?
  • Q. Will small-business owners notice any immediate benefits?

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