MySpace and Social Networking Sites

The December 2005 cover story from Business Week entitled, The MySpace Generation discusses the impact of social networking sites, such as If have not heard of MySpace, it is worth taking a look at this article. Here’s a quote from the article

“Preeminent among these virtual hangouts is, whose membership has nearly quadrupled since January alone, to 40 million members. Youngsters log on so obsessively that MySpace ranked No. 15 on the entire U.S. Internet in terms of page hits in October, according to Nielsen//NetRatings…Although networks are still in their infancy, experts think they’re already creating new forms of social behavior that blur the distinctions between online and real-world interactions. In fact, today’s young generation largely ignores the difference. Most adults see the Web as a supplement to their daily lives. They tap into information, buy books or send flowers, exchange apartments, or link up with others who share passions for dogs, say, or opera…The MySpace generation, by contrast, lives comfortably in both worlds at once.” (Read the entire article here.)

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