MVCCPOV: Voices from the Valley – Conversations featuring the Arab Student Union (ASU)

Chapter II features the Arab Student Union and offers two episodes:

The first episode is a self-directed discussion focused on the student’s Arab and Muslim experiences on topics ranging from Arab stigmas, stereotypes, and gender roles to religion versus culture, the differences between Arab identity in the U.S. and the in Middle East. This episode is divided into four uncut parts:

Episode 1 – The Arab Student Union Un-Filtered and Un-Cut
LISTEN Part 1 (16:57) Part 2 (17:07) Part 3 (17:06) Part 4 (17:14)

In the second episode of Chapter II, ASU discussed their 5th annual scholarship event. While they set-up for their evening festivities, we interview current students and alumni to ask them about the history behind the scholarship and how the ASU has evolved over the years. Episode two has three parts.

Episode 2 – Scholarship Awards Night Conversations
LISTEN Part 1 (14:12) Part 2 (16:17) Part 3 (20:18)

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