Missed an Event? Check Out Video from Confederates in Attic Events

It’s finals week, and that means that we have wrapped up our One Book series on Tony Horwitz’s Confederates of the Attic. We have covered all kinds of themes this year. If you missed any of our events or you just want to continue your studies, here are links to the videos from our 2012 2013 One Book events:

Illinois, Chicago, and the Civil War: Special Lecture featuring Dr. Theodore Karamanski

Currency of the Civil War Era and Depictions of Slavery

Anti-Slavery Societies, Feminism, and Sophia Peabody Hawthorne featuring Carey Millsap-Spears

Grand Strategy North and South: Why the Confederates never had a Chance

The Roots of Jazz featuring Doug Bratt & members of the Moraine Valley Jazz Faculty

A Soldier’s Life: Service in the Union and Confederate Armies

Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: causes, diagnosis, and treatments

Historians discuss Confederates in the Attic

2012 Election Panel Discussion

What Does It Mean To be An American?: Identity, History, and Self

This past fall (2012), we were also honored to welcome Tony Horwitz to campus to talk about new book Midnight Rising and to talk about Confederates in the Attic. Unfortunately, we were not able to put video from the event online, but we were able to record the audio and post it as a podcast. Here’s the link:
Online Audio: Author Tony Horwitz on Midnight Rising and Confederates.

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