Michael Brown Shooting in Ferguson, Missouri

Have you been following the coverage on the shooting in Missouri? Here’s what we know so far:

On Saturday August 9, a police officer stopped two African American men and told them to walk on the sidewalk instead of the street. The details afterwards differ, but the ending result was the shooting death of an unarmed Michael Brown. Police will not reveal how many times the teenage was shot, but all agree it was more than a couple of times (and more than what was necessary). Since then, police haven’t revealed the identity of the officer who shot Michael Brown or the number of times he was shot, which has lead to nightly riots, looting, vandalism, and reinforcements from St. Louis County Police. There is also a federal investigation going on right now.

Since the shooting, people have been asking many questions not just about the shooter, but about the police department in general. Some say a more diverse work force or better training could have prevented this tragedy from occurring.

For more information on the chronology of the shooting, click here to go to USA Today‘s Timeline page.


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