Me, myself or I? Using the right pronouns when writing



There are many rules about the use of grammar, far too many to memorize.  Remember Meryl Streep’s character in the Series of Unfortunate Events movie, the recluse who studied grammar devotedly?  We’re more likely to meet Count Olaf than someone who is really that knowledgeable on the topic, but, though we may not master every rule, we can easily master some.

A quick place to start is looking at pronoun usage.  This is an easy mistake to correct, but is frequently overlooked.  Think of the popular songs that swap rhymes for grammar.  Know the words to the 80’s song, Hungry Eyes?  The magic should be “between you and me” but “I” rhymes with “eyes” and so the rules went out the window.  When it comes to using the correct pronoun, don’t rely on examples from songs, movies or even literature.  Instead, check out and follow this short and sweet advice from the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

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