Max Brooks on Nerdist Podcast

In 2013/14, our One Book, One College program focused on World War Z by Max Brooks, so I was excited to stumble upon this interview with Brooks on the Nerdist Podcast. Thought I’d share it. Brooks is a master at utilizing science fiction and horror to comment on current society. He is inventive, thoughtful, and fun. This podcast is definitely intended for adult audiences.

Nerdist Podcast: Max Brooks
Description: Max Brooks (author, World War Z) talks to Chris, Matt and Jonah about his book World War Z, growing up in L.A. in the 80s, and what his father Mel’s daily routine is. They then get into a deep conversation about world politics, how science fiction used to include more social issues, and how Americans have changed the way they cope with tragedy. He then talks about his life as Mel Brooks’ son and his new graphic novel Cinema Purgatorio!

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