Making an Informed Decision on the Presidential Candidate of your Choice

An earlier blog gave excellent information on the voting process, from registering to voting, here in Illinois. After this, the important question is for whom will we vote? Although we know the two main candidates, Trump and Clinton, is there anyone else? And how about what they represent?
For starters, go to this website to get the details on the ballot for Illinois:,_2016#State_profile


The Candidates
You should now know that there are four candidates for the U.S. Presidency. So, for what do they stand? Take a look at the Green Party and find the name of the nominee:
What about the Libertarian Party? Click on this link:
We know that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, but what about the Democratic Platform? Read it at this link:
Finally, Donald Trump represents the Republican Party and their platform is at this website:
It is important that voters know what their candidates represent. So do your homework and be a voter who did some research ahead of time.

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