Magic Circles…New Book on the Beatles

Magic circles : the Beatles in dream and history: Come in and checkout this new book about John, George, Paul and Ringo (the Bealtes in case you didn’t know). Very cool. Here is the quote from the book cover.

“No one expressed the heart and soul of the Sixties as powerfully as the Beatles did through the words, images, and rhythms of their music. In Magic Circles Devin McKinney uncovers the secret history of a generation and a pivotal moment in twentieth-century culture. He reveals how the Beatles enacted the dream life of their time and shows how they embodied a kaleidoscope of desire and anguish for all who listened–hippies or reactionaries, teenage fans or harried parents, Bob Dylan or Charles Manson. The reader who dares to re-enter the vortex that was the Sixties will appreciate, perhaps for the first time, much of what lay beneath the social trauma of the day. “–book description

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