Let’s take notice of Selma, Alabama

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No doubt you have heard and seen on the news reports this past week and weekend the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery March. Having lived during that time, I can tell you that the tension and stress conveyed by the news media was very palpable. However, since that time and having seen some of the videos entitled, Eyes on the Prize, which our library has, I can only stand in awe of those people, many young adults and teens, who took their lives in their hands to fight this injustice.

Here is a link to a Reuters news slide show (3 different slide shows, scroll to the lower right hand side of the page) and here is the link to our collection’s, Eyes on the Prize.

If you are interested in journalism, take time to view Eyes on the Prize and then seek out the news of that day from commercial news sources. This should prove an interesting study. We have newspapers located in our databases for the retro search of printed materials.

Also, check online resources such as The King Center and the Library of Congress. There may be some video available along with print materials from 1965.

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