Leakers in the News: Manning & Snowden

Over the last week debates have exploded about whistle blowers, government leaders, and traitors. These debates have revolved around the trial of Bradley Manning and the newly revealed leaker Edward Snowden. Keeping track of the details of these cases can be bit confusing, especially because the cases are often discussed together but they are different. Here is a radio piece from PRI’s The World that I thought was useful in outlining the two cases.

Comparing the Manning and Snowden Cases
Description: Army Private Bradley Manning is on trial for a massive leak of classified documents to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. Edward Snowden is the former CIA employee who’s in the news now for admitting he leaked documents revealing the government’s surveillance of phone and Internet records. Anchor Marco Werman explores similarities between the two cases with The World’s Arun Rath, who’s been covering the Manning trial.

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