Lapham’s Quarterly

Lapham's Quarterly journal

New to the MVCC Library collection is a journal series by Lewis H. Lapham entitled Lapham’s Quarterly. Each issue focuses on a singular topic such as animals, death, youth, etc., and collects writings from the past and present exemplifying how much our present time is still influenced by our past history. Included in the journal issues are writings from prolific authors such as Shakespeare, Aristotle, Tolstoy, and Twain, in addition to reproductions of paintings by the world’s greatest artists illustrated throughout. While this journal series will appeal to Art, Communication/Composition, History, and Literature students, the appeal is widespread with topics to interest many.

Check out Lapham’s Quarterly¬†in our collection today: LQ : Animals, LQ : Comedy, LQ : Communication, LQ : Death, LQ : Family, LQ : Intoxication, LQ : Magic Shows, LQ : Politics, LQ : Revolutions. Check back often for new issues being added to the collection by doing a keyword search for Lapham’s quarterly. To learn more about this interesting journal you can also peruse the Lapham’s Quarterly website.


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