Kurt Vonnegut Never Asked to Be Born in the First Place

The great American novelist Kurt Vonnegut died yesterday. Vonnegut was known for his satirical prose and counterculture points of view. His books were often subjects of censorship and controversy. He is a voice who will be greatly missed. One of the things that he reminded us in his books was that none of us asked to be born in the first place.

Here’s a recent article by Vonnegut about the nature of education Your Guess Is as Good as Mine.

Here are a list of resources about Vonnegut:
Novelist Vonnegut Remembered for His Black Humor from NPR
Vonnegut Expressed Skeptical, Critical Nature with Humor from NPR
Kurt Vonnegut, 1922-2007 from Time Magazine
Vonnegut’s Personal Homepage

Items from the MVCC Library’s Collection
Author: Vonnegut, Kurt (books written BY Vonnegut)
Subject: Vonnegut, Kurt (book written ABOUT Vonnegut)

The thing that Vonnegut would probably like all of us to say about his life was that he tried.

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