January 28, Data Privacy Day | Erasing David DVD

ErasingDavidDVDToday, January 28, is “Data Privacy Day.” Taken directly from StaySafeOnline’s website, “Data Privacy Day (DPD), celebrated annually on January 28, is an international effort centered on ‘Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust.’”

With the advent of technology, we are losing our right to privacy more and more as companies are being hacked, personal identities are being stolen, and our own government is tracking cell phone usage. New to MVCC’s library is a DVD titled Erasing David. It is a documentary that was filmed in England, but its topic is highly translatable to anybody around the world who does not protect personal data. The filmmaker, David Bond, decided to disappear from his regular everyday life and see how long it would take a pair of private detectives to find him using his personal information that they could get their hands on. Scarily and astonishingly, it did not take them long to find him.

You might also like to check out the “Erasing David” website. On it you’ll find ways to protect yourself online, on social network sites, etc., and educational materials on privacy. It’s our right, so let’s protect it!

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