It’s Sharkweek! Checkout this List of Awesomely Bad Shark Movies that You Should Stream on Hoopla!

Hoopla is your source for all shark related materials! We have the educational documentaries, and the awesomely bad movies to make this Sharkweek, your best ever!

Decide for  yourself! Is  Sharknado: Heart Of Sharkness a bad movie, or an underrated cinematic classic? What about Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus?  Is 2 Headed Shark Attack more suspenseful than 6-Headed Shark Attack? I mean the shark has four more heads! It has to be. Personally,  I’m excited to watch House Shark, but I don’t want to neglect the genius that is Psycho Shark or Sharkenstein.

Intrigued? Click here for everything shark related on Hoopla!

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