It’s Important to De-stress


Don’t be like Kitteh! Finals can be a tough time, but there are definitely ways to help make them a bit easier!  With final exams starting in a couple weeks (You can find the final exam schedule here), it’s time to start thinking about how to get ready.  Of course you’ll be studying quite a bit, but you should also plan to take breaks from that studying to keep fresh.

A study from the University of Illinois posits that taking a break during your study time can help keep you focused and increase your overall productivity.  The University of Illinois states “This study is consistent with the idea that the brain is built to detect and respond to change, Lleras said, and suggests that prolonged attention to a single task actually hinders performance.”  With this in mind, be sure to prepare for some distractions from your intense studying.

At this point, you may be wondering “What’s the most efficient way to set myself up to study and take short breaks?”.  Well, the best place to do that is the library!  You’ll likely be here to study anyway, but we have a number of ways for you to take a meaningful break.

One of them is our gaming collection.  If you didn’t already know, we have added a new collection of board games to the library, and they make the perfect distraction during your finals studies.  Currently, we have Settlers of Catan, Blockus, Ticket to Ride, Tsuro, Carcassonne, and Hey, That’s My Fish!  Many of these games are easy to learn and quick to play.  Just the diversion you’ll be looking for!



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