Is Pot Really Safe? The New Legalization Battle

The “legalization of marijuana” has been a popular research topic as long as I have been a librarian. For some mysterious reason, students have wanted to write about this (sarcasm intended). I have helped many students find sources on this topic, but I have to say that I didn’t really think that this was a very serious research topic. Recent history, has proven be wrong.

There is now a movement across the US to make marijuana accessible for medical reasons, and in some states, even make it available for non-medical use (although it remains against federal law). Interestingly, as we are loosening national laws, some scientists are pointing out that there are some real health concerns about marijuana use. A recent NPR story, Evidence On Marijuana’s Health Effects Is Hazy At Best, really hits on some of the health issues.

If you are interested in a nice summary of the legalization issue, you should consult: CQ Researcher: Legalizing Marijuana (MVCC username & password required).

Also, this book, The pot book : a complete guide to cannabis : its role in medicine, politics, science, and culture / edited by Julie Holland, is a collection of articles that is excellent. It touches ALL aspects of marijuana use from a scientific perspective. Really excellent stuff.

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