Invisible Illness, Sikh Understanding & Chocolate Truffles: Nov 7th TLC Talks

We are excited to announce our talks scheduled for our TLC: Teaching & Learning Community event. This event will be held in the library on Wednesday, November 7st at 11am with a 2nd session at 12pm in the library event space.  Each talk will last 15 minutes followed by a short Q & A period. They are scheduled to align with the general Wednesday class schedule.

My Struggle to Feel Normal: How an Invisible Illness Forced Me to Take Charge of My Health
November 7th, 11am-11:50am
Amanda Sidorowicz
never wanted to be a burden to her family, friends, and coworkers, so she hid her health struggles for years. It wasn’t until she hit a breaking point in 2017 when she decided to put her health first and seek answers to her medical mystery. In this talk, Amanda will discuss her struggle to feel normal, including coming to terms with the symptoms of the autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, her breaking point, and how she’s feeling today.

To Sikh Understanding: My Faith as a Sikh
November 7th, 11am-11:50am
Sumeet Singh
grew up the Northwest Suburbs of the Chicago land area. He had a pretty normal childhood and grew up in a house filled with love, care, and an actual white picket fence. He felt like everyone else except the fact that he looked different. Sumeet shares his experience about embracing his Sikh identity and his unique perspective on life.

My Culinary Journey: From a Truffle to a Teacher
November 7th, Noon-12:50pm
Do you believe that one event, one person or one moment in your life change your life? Did you go to college for one major, yet found another passion in life that changed your journey? Rose Deneen shares her journey starting with the single chocolate truffle that changed her life. This one truffle led to her becoming a chef and eventually to a culinary teacher today.

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