Interviews with Shin Bet, the Israeli Security Agency

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is an ongoing struggle that deserves study and discussion. This is a topic that is the focus of some classes here on campus and is regularly a paper topic for students. Our library has a number of resources on this conflict (click here to view our library catalog).

Additionally, I wanted to post this interview and film trailer. This is a discussion with director, Dror Moreh, who recently was nominated for an Oscar for his documentary The Gatekeepers. In this documentary, Moreh interviewed former leaders of the Israeli Security Agency, the Shin Bet. This is a fascinating discussion involving views on violence and politics.

The Oscar Documentaries, Part 4: ‘The Gatekeepers’
Summary: “The Gatekeepers” is a film that consists mostly of interviews with six men, but they happen to be six former heads of Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency. These are men who have been largely or completely unknown to the public, running an organization that since the 1967 war has been deeply involved in counter-terrorism and intelligence gathering in the West Bank and Gaza. The film is nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary.

THE GATEKEEPERS Official Theatrical Trailer

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