Interpreting the Economy w/ Government Information

The US economy has been recovering from the recession since 2008.  Every month it seems like the news focuses on a new report about whether things are getting better or worse.  For example, next week the latest statistics on jobs is due out on October 7th.  No doubt a lot will be said, and a lot of people will interpret, what this means as far as the recovery goes.  Sure, they may be experts and make valid points about the economy, but you can look at the same numbers they do and make your own interpretation.

The Government publishes a report on the economy every month; you can get access to it using FDsys.  The report is called Economic Indicators, and is broken into subjects like: Employment, Consumer Prices, Money, and Credit.  They are easy to understand graphical charts, and tables.picture example So take the time to inform yourself about the state of the economy, you don’t have to let some wonky economist tell you about the way things are.

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