Interesting opportunities in the SIRS database

The SIRS database is populated with newspaper and magazine articles about current events and topics. While this may be an important thing to know, there are other parts of the database which might be useful to MVCC students.

Are you a visual learner for the most part? There is a Visual Browse feature on the menu just below the red Issues Researcher section at the top of the page. Breaking down an issue visually will help to keep the discussion of a topic more manageable.

Now take a look at the TOOLBOX in the upper right hand side of the screen. If you are uncertain how to do research and how to write a paper, there is help in the Toolbox.

In addition,  there is a menu of various academic helps on the right hand menu just below the Toolbox. One of the interesting tabs here is CURRICULUM PATHFINDERS. Some of the math topics are videos which can be used for self-help tutoring.

So, check out this database to get the most out of it. Help can be just a click away.

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