Information Sources on Earthquakes

Well, the news was a flutter with discussion of last night’s earthquake. If you missed it, take a look at: Midwest Quake Felt Far and Wide from CNN. By the way, I was told that today marks the 102nd anniversary of the San Francisco Quake & Fire of 1906.Here’s some info forwarded to our library from the Illinois State Library Federal Depository Library Email List: Information on this morning’s earthquake near Bellmont, Illinois can be found at the following site: Earthquake summary from U.S. Geological Survey. This site deals specifically with this morning’s earthquake and includes links to maps, and a site called Did You Feel It?, where you can report whether you felt the earthquake.Other Earthquake Information Resources

For those of you REALLY interested in earthquakes, you may want to stop by the library and grab The encyclopedia of earthquakes and volcanoes by David Ritchie

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