Identity, Friendship, SWAT Teams, & Survival: 2017 TLC Talks

The TLC Talks feature staff, administrators and faculty from across the college, who are knowledgeable and passionate about intriguing subjects inspire us with ideas worth sharing. The event is free and open to the entire college community. Faculty members are encouraged to bring their classes. For links to past TLC talks, visit:

Here is the schedule of 2017 talks:

Wednesday, Nov 1st: 11am—11:50am

GraFEETi, Growth, and Grief: Impact of an Author Friend
by Erika Deiters

Erika started as a fan of Chicago author Amy Krouse Rosenthal; then the author became the subject of her composition class; eventually Erika and Amy formed a friendship. They supported each other through their cancer diagnoses. Unfortunately, Amy did not survive.

Living Life on the Hyphen: Exploring My Identity and Belonging Amidst Being a Bi-Racial, Caribbean-American Woman
by Shanya Gray

Have you ever felt as though you don’t quite belong? As though you cannot be put into one particular box? If so, then this talk is for you. In this talk, Shanya Gray shares what it was like growing up bi-racial in the Caribbean and what it was like migrating to the United States and living in a culture that was foreign to her. Shanya also shares how she wrestled with not belonging and the process of ultimately becoming comfortable with who she is. Ultimately, in giving this talk, Shanya hopes to share valuable lessons learned from her life’s experiences that can be of encouragement to anyone who has wrestled with not belonging.

Wednesday, Nov 1st: 12pm—12:50pm

Running to the Sound of Gunfire: The Mindset of a SWAT Officer
by Francisco Arteaga

What would your first instinct be if you heard the sound of gunfire? Would you even know what it sounds like? In gunfire situations when the community needs help, they call the police. But what about when the police need help? They call SWAT. Officer Frank Arteaga shares his SWAT experience and the mindset needed while preparing and carrying out a SWAT operation.

The Newspaper Headline Read, “This Was a House.” Keyword, “Was”
by Jodi Marneris

Jodi Marneris’ science teacher said it was near impossible for a tornado to hit the Chicago area. It wasn’t too long after that teacher was proven dead wrong. Jodi’s house was among the ruins of that day of devastation.

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