How to use the Economic Report of the President

The President released the Economic Report of the President for 2012, last month on the 17th.  Now, you have the opportunity to look at it yourself, because the library chooses to include government information into our collection.

I know when you hear “government information” it sounds really scary.  Its not. In fact, it is really easy to read. Most is written so that a 4th or 5th grader can understand it.

The Economic Report is also really useful too. Do you have a persuasive speech coming up in your Communications class?  The President outlines an argument for his policies.  He also backs his argument up with nice charts, graphs, and tables (don’t forget to cite).

Chart showing expected income of college graduates vs. HS Graduates

Do you have a job, go to college, own a house, or rent an apartment? What the President talks about in this Economic Report will affect you.  For example, check out this chart, it shows that when you graduate from Moraine Valley, you can expect to earn TWICE as much money throughout your life.

If you want help finding this report, or any other information from the Government come Ask a Librarian at the Information desk.

You can also find past Economic Reports online and in our Circ Materials:  HC101 .U5 2007

Also, the Federal Budget for the coming year is available.  And, believe it or not there’s an App for That, use the QR code at the left with your Smart Phone.

We have the Budget of the United States Government in print in the Reference section too: REF HJ2051 .A59 2012


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