How do you trust breaking news?

When a major global event happens, my phone goes crazy. I get AP bulletins, tweets, and Facebook posts. Everyone wants to get the news first, which is why I found the One The Media piece below to be interesting. It turns out that breaking news (sent out right as an event happens) is pretty bad and pretty inaccurate. This is because media outlets want to be first with the news, and because they report almost anything that they hear. So, take a few minutes and listen to the story below.


If you are interested in journalism and the media, you may find these titles useful:
Rebuilding the news : metropolitan journalism in the digital age / C. W. Anderson

News on the internet : information and citizenship in the 21st century / David Tewksbury & Jason Rittenberg

The news and its future / edited by Paul McCaffrey

What is happening to news : the information explosion and the crisis in journalism / Jack Fuller

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