Holy Wars, Cuba, and The Russian Revolution

Calling all history buffs and persons interested in wars and military strategy. Fighting Words is a new series of books added to the MVCC Library Collection. This series focuses on different conflicts and controversies in world history and provides the differing viewpoints of all parties involved. Taken from first person accounts, newspapers, historical documents, and government documents, the books in the Fighting Words series are written so that the reader is able to easily follow the storyline and information provided. If you are looking for a book or books that will provide an interesting read as well as impart historical information, please check out the books in the Fighting Words series.
Competing voices from the Crusades – edited by Andrew Holt and James Muldoon
This book provides an overview of the religious and political landscape shortly before the beginning of the Crusades and provides critical documents that are instrumental to understanding the issues and people involved. The reader is given accounts from Christians, Muslims, and Byzantines; thereby allowing the reader to make their own observations and/or conclusions about the Crusades that occurred during the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries.

Competing voices from Native America – edited by Dewi Ioan Ball and Joy Porter

While this volume is unable to detail every event in Native American history, the focus is on providing an overview of the intertwining of the history of Native Americans and the history of the United States. There is a discussion on key events, conflicts, removal of Native Americans from their homelands, wars with the U.S. government, and Native Americans serving in the U.S. military and their involvement in overseas conflicts. In addition, this book also covers more modern issues such as Indian gaming, tribal law and justice, and poverty.

Competing voices from Revolutionary Cuba – edited by Peter McKenna and John M. Kirk

Much of what is known about Cuba is learned from the news media. What if the media is biased? What if the media is not providing an accurate picture of Cuba? The editors invite the reader to examine what they know about Cuba and to question those beliefs. This book discusses the “origins of the Cuban revolution.” It also examines the relationship between Cuba and the United States, especially our trade relationship and our thoughts about Castro; the effects of the collapse of the Soviet Union on Cuba; the evolution of Cuba and what’s in store for Cuba’s future.

Competing voices from The Pacific War – edited by Chris Dixon, Sean Brawley & Beatrice Trefal

“This book explores the dramatic and bloody struggle that rages across the Asia-Pacific region during the 1930s and 1940s. The sources included here highlight the ways in which the war was experienced, understood and remembered by those caught up in one of the twentieth century’s most bitter conflicts. By providing first-hand accounts, from ordinary ‘foot soldiers’ as well as generals, from Japanese as well as Allied participants and from civilians as well as combatants, the authors enable readers to assess the conflict from a range of perspectives. The book covers the major turns of the conflict, from the lead-up to the attack at Pearl Harbor in December 1941, to the Japanese surrender in September 1945.” – p. xi

Competing voices from The Russian Revolution – edited by Michael C. Hickey

Using documents written by and/or obtained from government officials, military personnel or ordinary citizens, Hickey shows the events and issues shaping the Russian Revolution of 1917.



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