Hey, That’s My Kinda Game!


“Hey That’s My Fish” is another recent addition to the MVCC Library’s game collection.  It’s a cute strategy game that forces you to plan ahead.  It’s a quick set up, and it’s easy to learn.  Also, creating new strategies on a randomized board can keep the game interesting for multiple rounds.

You play as a penguin that is looking to gather as many fish as possible.  You move in a straight line in any direction to the tile with the fish that you want and as you move away from the tile that you previously occupied, that tile disappears from the board.  Be careful, though!  You can’t cross an empty spot on the board, and can get trapped!  When you can’t make any more moves, you are out of the game.  

The game requires a lot of planning.  You must anticipate your opponents’ moves and try to keep from getting trapped.  You may be able to get to a tile with a lot of fish, but will you be able to keep going if you do?  Players are constantly assessing their risks and rewards during their turns in an attempt to stay in the game.  

”Hey! That’s My Fish” and other games are part of a recent addition to MVCC’s collection.  You can check out our write up on The Settlers of Catan here.

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