He Really Really Scared Me!






Read a Stephen King novel this week.


I was home sick from school, and it could have been a really nice day.  It was bright and sunny outside, and I was relaxing on the couch in my pajamas. I could hear my grandparents chatting in the kitchen as they ate lunch. The front door was open, there was a nice breeze.  I should have been watching Saved by the Bell and enjoying myself and a day of freedom from the 4th grade.  Instead, I was watching Pet Sematary and I was breathless and terrified and probably about to keel over from fright. 

He’s an American classic and he’s been frightening us for decades.   Since he’s so prolific, there’s a work for every terror you can think and every horror you don’t let yourself imagine.   So… what are you afraid of?

Kids? What about a girl who can set things on fire with her mind?   Try it.

Do you wish that all your friends would take their faces out of their cell phone screens? See how evil cell phones can really be.

Are you still having nightmares about The Shining?   Well… it’s not over.  Why don’t you check out the sequel, Dr. Sleep?

Perhaps you just want a few short stories to keep things moving quickly. We have Skelton Crew and Four Past Midnight.

Happy Halloween!

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