Happy Earth Month…(sustainability, part 3)

Did you know that April is Earth Month, and Earth Day is April 22? Want to know what you and your school can do to help the planet?

You might have read about Moraine’s commitment to sustainability in recent foodblog posts about community gardening and Meatless Mondays. (Check out those posts to learn about your diet’s impact on the earth, to find meatless recipes, and to learn about community gardening!)

In fact, we have our own Center for Sustainability here at Moraine! Their awesome staff is responsible for our community garden, Meatless Monday, and other projects. Visit their site by clicking the above link to learn more about sustainability and ways you can become involved here on campus and in general.

Moraine is a member of the community college group Illinois Green Economy Network. Visit that site to read about local colleges’ sustainability practices and find information about green jobs and classes.

Moraine also belongs to The SEED center (sustainability education & economic development). Check out that site for information to learn about topics like sustainable gardening, agriculture, & careers and certifications. Find even more information about sustainability, permaculture, and more on the library’s sustainability research guide.

Sustainability is part of our campus in many ways, and new ideas are being postulated all the time! In fact, last month during Learning College Day, faculty and staff from the Center for Sustainability and other departments had a really interesting conversation about the community garden, composting, and incorporating these ideas into classes ranging from science/bio to culinary and childcare. Speak up if you’re interested in learning more or participating in any process of community gardening, and look for future foodblog posts discussing where food comes from and what’s in it (especially in light of the pink slime controversy)!

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