Happy 75th Birthday Superman!

He was the first modern superhero and he is 75 years old. Happy Birthday Superman!

If you are interested in the history, meaning, and impact of the Man of Steele, take a look at these items in our collection and in the video below:

Superman : the high-flying history of America’s most enduring hero by Larry Tye
The great Superman book by Michael L. Fleisher, assisted by Janet E. Lincoln

After 75 Years, an Untarnished Reputation for the Man of Steel
Description: It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Superman! In the book “Superman: The Unauthorized Biography,” author Glen Weldon of NPR chronicles 75 years of the Man of Steel, from his muscles to his mantra (“truth, justice and the American way”). Weldon joins Christina Bellantoni to discuss the evolution of the iconic American superhero.

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