(Hand)Write to Your Elected Officials

With the popularity of social media, we are all used to expressing our opinions quickly, sometimes thoughtlessly, to the world — or at least everyone on our friend list. In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, we are all hurting, but it is also likely we have strong opinions about how to keep our society safe and peaceful. Express those opinions to the people who need to hear most – your congressperson, your senators, the president – in the most effective manner: a handwritten letter. Politicians receive emails and Facebook likes by the millions (OK, I’m guessing at the number), but how many handwritten letters do they receive? It is said the president reads ten handwritten letters per day. While it may not be the fastest or easiest way to communicate — you’ll likely pause several times as you put pen to paper — the end result may be a more thoughtful, informative, and hopefully influential letter.

Contact Information for Elected Officials

Tips on Writing to Elected Officials

Why Write to Elected Officials


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