Hamilton the Musical Selected as One Book Text

We are excited to announce that our 2016-2017 One Book, One College text is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning musical Hamilton. Visit our One Book website at: https://onebook.morainevalley.edu/.

Yes, you read that correctly! We are treating the cast recording of the musical as a “text.” This is something a little different from our normal One Book approach, but that is what we are doing. Hamilton offers an exciting and rich mashup that pulls together history, economics, theater, pop culture, and hip hop to just name a few areas that we will be exploring. We will also use the themes of politics and immigration to discuss the coming 2016 elections.

You can check out the CDs in the library or purchase them in the bookstore. Additionally, the album is available on Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and other streaming services. You can also listen online here at Lin-Manuel Miranda’s genius site.

We hope you will join the conversation!



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