Graphic Novel Series: Palestine

Today I’m featuring a very different kind of graphic novel. Like its name would suggest, Palestine by Joe Sacco is about life in present day Palestine (book was published in 1993 so I’m using present day loosely, although the same problems in this region still unfortunately exist today). Joe Sacco is often called the first comic book journalist and sometimes even a “war junkie.”¬† He often travels to far places like Palestine,¬†Sarajevo and Bosnia and immerses himself with life in that region to create his graphic novels.

His most recent graphic novel is The Great War (published in 2013), which we unfortunately don’t have in the collection. However, you can read an interesting review of the novel here. You can also find some interviews with Joe Sacco by clicking on the following:

Be sure to check out more information about our upcoming Graphic Novel Symposium happening in the library Thursday, Sept. 18 and Friday, Sept. 19, 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

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