Graphic Novel Series: Ghost World

Today I’m going to be highlighting the cult classic Ghost World, which was published in 1997 by Daniel Clowes. This story focuses on Rebecca and Enid, who are best buddies preparing for life after graduation. The graphic novel follows their lives as they do what most teenagers do, which is go to the mall and pretend to be adults. Ghost World is known for its dark humor and examination of relationships.

In 2001, the graphic novel was adapted for the big screen by the graphic novel’s author Daniel Clowes and the director Terry Zwigoff. If you’re interested in seeing the film, you’ll find a very young (just 17 years old!) Scarlett Johansson as Rebecca. This film was made just a couple of years before Johansson starred in Lost in Translation, which won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 2004 among many other nominations and awards. Thora Birch plays the other angsty teenager Enid and Steve Buscemi who plays Enid’s quasi-love interest. We unfortunately don’t have the film in the library, but it’s worth viewing if you like the graphic novel. I’ll just leave the trailer below for your viewing pleasure.

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