Graphic Novel Series: Game of Thrones

In preparation for the upcoming Graphic Novel Symposium, I’m starting a series to show the graphic novels we have here in the library! We recently received a gift from the Secretary of State/Illinois State Library Literacy Office to purchase graphic novels, so hold on to your seats kids, this is going to be a heck of a series! And don’t worry, we have everything from comic books to memoirs, so I’m sure we can find a novel to fit your tastes. Today, I’m going to start with the wildly popular book and TV series Game of Thrones.

In the library, we try to keep our collection current. We have the  A Game of Thrones (the first book in the series) and A Dance with Dragons (the 5th book in the series). We also have all the seasons of the HBO show Game of Thrones (the complete 1st season, the complete 2nd season,  and the complete 3rd season).

Our newest edition to the collection of Game of Thrones is, as you may have guess, the graphic novel series! I have been using it to help me summarize what happened in the books (which I haven’t read yet). I’ve already read through the first book and am already in the middle of reading the second volume/book in the series. If you’re a fan, I would highly recommend the graphic novel. In the library, we have volume 1, volume 2, and volume 3 (which was just published earlier this year).

Be sure to check out more information about our upcoming Graphic Novel Symposium happening in the library Thursday, Sept. 18 and Friday, Sept. 19, 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

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