Google World

We wanted to pass along this streaming video on about the power, influence & growth of Google. This is one of our library’s newest streaming videos. If you are on campus, you can just click “play” and watch it. If you are off campus, you can use your MVCC ID to login and view them

Google World

Here is the description from the video’s page:
From Internet search, to Android, to cloud computing: how has Google come so far, so fast, and what are the broad implications of Google’s success? This program scrutinizes the Google phenomenon as it explores the company’s history, corporate culture, business practices, innovations, and altruistic ambitions. Google’s controversial experience in China is examined as well, along with its move to create gigantic server farms to house, ultimately, all the world’s data. But as Google pursues its business and humanitarian goals, is social search technology under development by ex-Googlers taking aim at Google’s core proficiency? Commentary by CEO Eric Schmidt and Google enthusiasts is balanced by contrarian insights from information privacy advocates Marc Rotenberg, of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, and Chris Hoofnagle, of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology. (48 minutes)

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