Good ol’ Charlie Brown

Today, in 1950, the Peanuts first appeared in Newspapers across the country. Below is the first appearance of the Peanuts, Charlie Brown seems to have not found his signature shirt yet!

Who would have thought that a boy named Charlie and his friends would tickle our funny bones and warm our hearts for over 60 years.  As Halloween looms ahead, who can forget The Great Pumpkin that Linus is sure will appear on Halloween night.  The Peanuts Thanksgiving TV special reminds us that its not whats on the table but the people around it.  At Christmas, little wilted trees find homes in the living rooms of those that remember the boy who wanted to give the unwanted tree a chance.

Charles M. Schulz created these lovable characters from 1950 until he retired in 2000.  With these comic strips he brought joy and memories to people around the world.  In our library collection we have the biography of Schulz, which goes into detail not just about the Peanuts but about the man who created them and how his life was reflected in these short comic strips.  Thank you Mr. Schultz, for 64 years and counting of giggles, smirks and thoughts to ponder.

Peanuts in our collection:  Sandlot PeanutsPeanuts TreasuryYou’ve Had it, Charlie BrownIt’s a Dog’s Life, Charlie Brown, Go Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown

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