GeoLib: A Demogrpahic Census Data

GeoLib: A Demogrpahic Census Data: This site offers piles of demographic data broken down geographically. A user could select an area and ask for total population, age, race, economic status of individuals within that area. This tool is intended for public libraries to use to bettern understand their local area, but the data is from the census department and could be applied to a range of uses.
Mission:“GeoLib’s mission is two fold. First, to improve access to digital geographic information in libraries, regardless of whether the information is desired by library users or by library managers. And secondly, to apply marketing solutions to library problems. Since 1996, GeoLib has been actively involved in projects that support its mission. A nationwide library study funded by the U.S. Department of Education in 1996 helped provide the funding for this web site. is designed as a portal to other web sites that provide information about easy-to-use digital geographic information for researchers, librarians, geographic information system (GIS) specialists, and the general public. These resources encourage users to become aware of how important geographic information can be in the decision making process. GeoLib is supported by professionals from many disciplines experienced in creatively solving problems using advanced computing resources and geographic information systems. Many work within the university and institute, while others are experts from the public and private sector.”

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