Future Moraine Students Do Research (and Have Fun!) at the Library

On Thursday afternoon, the library welcomed 2 groups of summer campers and their counselors for a little time travel learning.   The younger set enjoyed stories and coloring, while the older kids went through issues of Life magazine from decades past, and made collages about how the things they use every day have developed in the past 40 to 80 years.   At first, the children were a little concerned that the initial project did not involve using a computer, but once they were reassured that they were doing research just like people did in the past they studied the magazines and made many great observations.

Are you interested in vintage fashion or do you love old cars?  The issues of Life Magazine in the library’s collection are a great window into the past, and can certainly make you reflect on how far we’ve come as a society–all those cigarette ads!  Two months’ worth of issues are bound together and our collection starts in Jan-Feb 1938.  They are shelved behind the coffee shop, next to the more recent magazine and journals.   Come browse through them and escape into the past, just like our little scholars did today!

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