Free Speech in Egypt: the Case of Bassem Youssef

Bassem Youssef has become a flash point for free speech. Youssef is Egypt’s Jon Stewart (of Daily Show fame). Like Stewart, Youssef regularly uses satire to criticize the government and offer cultural commentary. In the US, this sort of comedy has been around for centuries, but in Egypt, this is something new. Youssef was recently brought up on charges by the Egyptian government. This is a fascinating case about the spread of free speech in the wake of the Arab Spring.

CBS News video: Bassem Youssef, “Egypt’s Jon Stewart” (April 7, 2013 10:38 AM)
Description: Bassem Youssef, who hosts an Egyptian program modeled on “The Daily Show,” uses satire to report on the nation’s government and religious leaders. Mo Rocca talks to Youseff about his show’s popularity and his recent arrest for mocking people in power.

Description: Two years ago OTM traveled to Cairo to report on the post-revolution Egyptian media. This week, in the aftermath of the Bassem Youssef arrest, Brooke looks back on her interview with Bassem in 2011 and speaks with New York Times Cairo Bureau David Kirkpatrick about the future of the media in Egypt.

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