Free Event: Supercomputing at Argonne National Lab

We are excited to share information on the first discussion in our STEM series:

Science & Computer Science in the Argonne Leadership Computer Facility featuring Ben Lenard, Argonne National Laboratory
Wednesday, October 11th: Noon-1 PM, Library Lounge, Building L
Ben will talk about how supercomputers at LCF help to solve problems within the world, from physics to medicine.
Ben is responsible for overseeing the administration and improvement of database systems in the ALCF’s supercomputing environment. These databases are critical to many of the facility’s support services, including job scheduling, job accounting, and business intelligence. In 2016, Ben deployed the IBM Data Server Manager to help streamline database administration tasks. With this tool in place, Ben has a better idea of how the databases are being used, while developers have an improved method for identifying and addressing any performance issues with their queries. In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities, Ben has been strong advocate for the ALCF and for computer science, volunteering for events like the Hour of Code and Argonne’s public open house. He is also currently pursuing a PhD in Computer and Information Sciences at DePaul University. Prior to Argonne Ben worked in the financial services industry for 13 years as well as academia for 2 years.

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