Film Blog: Toy Story (1995)

Originally produced in 1995, Toy Story was the first entirely computer-animated feature film. The film also won its director, John Lasseter, an Academy Award for Special Achievement. After Toy Story‘s success, Lasseter went on to direct other great animated films like A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2 and co-directed the film Cars. He also went on to produce Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo. Lasseter moved on to become the chief creative officer at Disney and Pixar when the film Up (also my personal favorite) come out in 2009.For more information about John Lasseter and Toy Story, look at the book 100 Animated Feature Films.

We currently have two copies of Toy Story in the collection along with a Bluray version. In addition to Toy Story, we also have the sequel Toy Story 2, but it’s only available in VHS. For a preview of Toy Story, look at the trailer below.

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