Film Blog: I am Legend Series (Part 1)

WFD-streetToday we’re focusing on a film adaptation from the book I Am Legend. Many of you may have heard of the most recent film I Am Legend starring Will Smith. Today, we’re going to feature the first adaptation of this book, which is The Last Man on Earth (1964).

The film follows Dr. Robert Morgan, who believes, as you may have guessed, he is the last man on earth. Almost everyone on earth has been infected by a plague that turns people into vampires. Now, if you’ve seen the newest film adaptation of I Am Legend like I have, your first reaction is probably WTF? The plague that infects people has more vampire like qualities, which is very much like the book.

If you’re interested in reading the book, we have¬†I Am Legend here at the library! You might be interested to know that this book was also the source of inspiration behind Night of the Living Dead. For more information about this film, take a look at a previous post on the film.

Next time, we’ll feature another version of the adaptation of I Am Legend called The Omega Man (1971).

As always, I’m including a trailer below.


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