Film Blog: Gasland (2010)

Gasland (2010) is about one man’s journey to find out what exactly hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is and its lasting affects on the earth. The filmmaker, Josh Fox, started out on this particular journey after being asked to lease his lands to a company to drill for natural gas.  Curious, Fox goes out to other states where companies have already drilled for natural gas and finds some disturbing facts about hydraulic fracturing. While visiting a Pennsylvania town, he discovers that some residents were able to set water on fire?!

For more information about fracking (or to see someone set water on fire), check out Gasland‘s website on it. It’s incredibly informative and even has a nice visual to explain how fracking or hydraulic fracturing work.

For more information on Gasland, take a loook at their website.

As always, I’m leaving a trailer for your review.

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