Film Blog: Dive! (2011)

Today we’re highlighting a personal favorite of mine. Dive! (2011) is a film by Jeremy Seifert about dumpster diving. Freegans, another term for food seeking dumpster divers, don’t do it because of money reasons (although that is reason enough). Freegans aim to help reduce waste by taking and consuming edible food in dumpsters. Grocery stores often toss food that may be past their “Best by” date, but are otherwise perfectly fine to consume. In this documentary, we also learn about how much food is produced, consumed, and disposed of. Seifert estimates that we only consume roughly half of what we produce!

For more information on Dive!, check out their website! You can learn more about their eat trash campaign to end food waste.

As always, I’m including a preview for your review. Bon appétit!

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