Film Blog: Dallas Buyers Club

Today I’m featuring a recent film just added to the collection called Dallas Buyers Club. Matthew McConaughey stars as Ron Woodroof who contracts AIDS/HIV, but for whatever reason can’t get treatment. Woodroof, unwilling to accept that he may only have 6 months to live, starts the Dallas Buyers Club as a way to help himself and others with the disease. Woodroof travels to other countries to buy other AIDS/HIV medication to bring back to the United States for members of his Dallas Buyers Club.

It’s important to know that in the 1980s, not a whole lot was known about AIDS/HIV (including how people contracted it and how to treat it), so there wasn’t a whole lot of treatment options available. Plus, any treatment would have to be approved by the FDA, which can make the wait for treatment even longer. For more information on books we have in the collection on the FDA, just click here.

This film was nominated for many awards. The most notable award for the film¬† is probably Matthew McConaughey’s portrayal of Ron Woodroof, which earned him an Academy Award in 2013 for Best Actor. Jared Leto (also pictured above) won for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal as Rayon. As always, I’m including a trailer below for your review.


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