Film Blog: Angels in America (2003)

It has been a 10 years since HBO’s Angels in America was made and 20 years since it won a Pulitzer for drama.  And now is your chance to see it performed on stage.

If you haven’t heard, you can see Angels in America (Part 1) here at Moraine Valley at the John and Angeline Oremus Theater on May 3, 4, 5 for only $10-$12 per ticket! For more information on the play (including how to buy your tickets online), check out the Fine and Performing Arts Center.

Here at the library, we have the HBO version of Angels in America (2003) available on our new items wall. If you want to know what happens in part 2, this is your chance!

Also, we have the play in the library. Click on either titles below for a full description and location of items.

As always, I’m including a trailer for your review.

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